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Reaching out to the person inside every professional

Reaching out to the person inside every professional

Reaching out to the person inside every professional

Its graceful good looks and grandeur makes the RCPE in Edinburgh a popular setting for conferences, meetings and weddings. This traditional Victorian edifice has its own, dedicated events team, for whom Tickety Boo was tasked with boosting sales and streamlining efficiency.

Two years ago, Lorraine Deane, the RCPE Senior Events Support Coordinator, reached out to Tickety Boo, hoping to find some focus for her sales team and gain new ground with efficiency training. Annie and Val got to work masterminding a bespoke plan to give Lorraine and her team the vital focus they required to reach their next goal.

First, a full-scale operational clean-up was instated. Once the RCPE office was fully absolved of clutter, some realistic sales targets were implemented. Before Tickety Boo’s intervention, the team had never monitored performance. Now, the company continues to work towards targets every month, and this year, the sales team had smashed their 2014 target by June.

Lorraine found, that her colleagues were opening up about their roles, ambitions and frustrations, speaking on topics they hadn’t before felt comfortable with in the past. A healthy, open attitude now prevails, with team members actively encouraged to give voice to any issues, rather than letting them build up in silence. And, after a challenging personal time and bereavement, Tickety Boo’s one-to-one personal development helped Lorraine find her way back into working the way she wanted to work.

Since the experience, the events team has found themselves becoming more alive to new opportunities, collaborating with organisations like Edinburgh Marketing, and augmenting their offer to accommodate corporate evenings. Lorraine has found the experience to be tremendously beneficial, and gives some advice to those who might be considering outsourced training.

“I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Tickety Boo, it’s the best thing we’ve ever done.  After we’d gone through our training we were motivated to give a presentation to our Chief Executive, and it’s changed her attitude towards training, too! Now, we’ve started looking towards the future for other departments around the college as well. It has been really informative.”

The collaboration was resumed at the end of August 2015, when Annie started work with the team, helping RCPE with their next move. The beauty of learning, after all, is that there is always more of it to be done.