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Customer Excellence

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This module is all about Choosing Your Attitude and how a positive mindset can make a huge impact to delivering Customer Excellence Each and Every day. We will highlight how a negative mindset can get in the way of providing customer excellence, we will cover attitude and the difference between being positive and being negative. We will visit the world famous Pike Place and see how they deliver amazing customer experiences. We will review our language and increase our positive language and reduce negative words and statements. Finally we will learn how to create a positive and upbeat working environment where we can help our colleagues to be the best versions of themselves.

By the end of this e Learning module you will be able to:

  • Develop the winning attitude that will allow you to excel at providing memorable customer excellence experiences
  • Increase your management knowledge on how to create a positive working environment
  • Create an effective action plan to ensure that you continually improve your ability to deliver service excellence

PRICE: £25 + VAT