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Making History in Blair Atholl

Making History in Blair Atholl

Making History in Blair Atholl

The General Manager at Blair Atholl Estates, Andrew Bruce-Wootton has worked with Tickety Boo Training for 5 years. When first joining the 800 year old estate, Andrew recognised the business was experiencing some quite significant changes and areas of development which required a new approach to staff support and training.

Part of those changes involved the development of a new sales and marketing team, and leadership training was implemented from the top down, facilitated by Tickety Boo. With a keen eye for results; it was important to deliver measurable objectives for Andrew, with the emphasis always on achieving tangible outcomes.

The distinct Marketing and Sales teams were given linked sales targets and goals. The induction process was also revised, with every new employee of the Atholl staff force given the grounding in sales and customer service they needed to become a passionate advocate of their very special and historical workplace.

Part of the challenge was getting people in the business to believe they were integral to its overall success, so a mystery shopper service was delivered, and proved to be a germane move. Not only did it proof-test their training, it also authenticated the improvements for staff. Andrew deemed it a powerful tool for getting results.

Ultimately, Andrew found his investment in training to be a judicious one, with Tickety Boo providing that missing alchemy needed to turn training into sales. He found the entire experience quite thought provoking, and recognises that for him, it came at the right time. As for the team, they’re much more outward looking, with the belief in their value to the business.

Everyone at Atholl Estates holds their tremendous heritage in the esteem it deserves, always keeping in mind that their business needs to be positioned to keep up with the modern world. We couldn’t put it better than Andrew, who remarked “Businesses don’t change easily or quickly; but we have an 800 year heritage, so we can afford to be patient.”