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Green Welly, Golden Anniversary

Green Welly, Golden Anniversary

Green Welly, Golden Anniversary

Since The Green Welly Stop in Tyndrum is but a hop, skip and a puddle-splash away from celebrating its 50th birthday, Tickety Talk investigates what makes one our most enduring clients so successful.

‘Clean toilets’ is the response given by Fiona Robertson. A partner in this family business, Fiona has been collaborating with Tickety Boo Training for the past 11 years, and has benefited first-hand from Annie’s training, management and coaching expertise.

With a filling station, two gift shops, one of Scotland’s most well stocked Whisky Shops, as well as an outdoor shop, restaurant and café, it takes quite the staff force to keep everything ticking over, and The Green Welly Stop employs over 90 individuals. Over the years the company recognised and sought out the training they need to excel, from Food Hygiene and ILM coaching, to Assertiveness training.

Some of their success can be attributed to The Green Welly Stop’s firm understanding that training and development are an ongoing process, and people are worth investment. Fiona and the team encourage their staff to become the best they can be, nurturing that ambition that becomes so crucial to a business as it develops.

“You can’t help but learn when you’re in the room with Tickety Boo,” explains Fiona “They have taken a family business from being fairly good at what we do to being even better. I recommend Tickety Boo all the time because of the quality and passion they have, their knowledge, and the ability to help people to learn effortlessly. The training is always made fun, and she has a talent for engaging people.

In fact, in the run up to the big anniversary, Tickety Boo training will be donning their waterproofs and stomping down to Tyndrum to give some perspective on how this superb wee business can push themselves to the next level. Here’s to another 50 years of giving it welly!