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All above-board at Monachyle Mhor

All above-board at Monachyle Mhor

All above-board at Monachyle Mhor

An oasis of luxury hiding in the wilderness, the blushing pink buildings of Monachyle Mhor cut quite the dash against the green backdrop of the Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park. Owner Tom Lewis has been a Tickety Boo collaborator for five years now. For Tom, the services provided at the back end allow him to focus on the job at hand, without fretting about red tape and bureaucracy.

Keeping paperwork and staff training up to date with legislation tends to be one of the more daunting challenges that a business owner can face. Tiny details can easily sift through the cracks when there’s other work to be done, and customers, quite rightly, should be the first priority. However, without the correct licensing, training and guidance, inattention to such tiny details can topple an enterprise.

Tickety Boo’s immediate priority at Monachyle Mhor was to ensure that procedures, licenses and certificates were both up to date, and invulnerable. With very little time to spare, Tom needed a service that was intuitive, efficient and, above all, understanding of his ongoing needs.

Five years on, Tom’s needs are evaluated, actions are proposed and steps agreed to annually, and the processes in place tend to tick along pleasantly. Because Tom employs over 90 people to help him run the hotel, motel, farm, bakery and fish shop at Monachyle Mhor there’s always more to be done. Managers have to be assessed for health and safety training, there’s food hygiene to be rolled out and fire safety to address. There are also individual audits to keep staff on their toes; all 900 of them!

At Monachyle Mhor, provenance, localism and quality are inherent to the produce sourced, the service provided and the overall experience, so it’s just as important that the same rigorous approach applies in keeping business legit and staff informed. Different customers have differing needs, and Tom needed a company capable of producing practical training solutions, as well as the right tools to resolve daily challenges.

However, while pragmatism is very much Tom’s priority, he claims that it is in fact, “the personal touch” that keeps him coming back to Tickety Boo after all these years.