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On track for success

On track for success

On track for success

Robin Chesters at Almond Valley Heritage Centre knows the value of a good fit. They might be a consummately professional team, but, like Tickety Boo Training, they understand that sometimes, it’s important to embrace the joyful aspects of running a business.

A narrow gauge railway, a cacophony of farmyard animals and museum are all part of the fun at Almond Valley, a family-oriented attraction just outside Livingston. Director Robin Chesters has been working with Tickety Boo Training for some time and, first and foremost, he knows it’s a fine balance between fun and business.

Having been an individual learning plan assessor for years, Robin understands the importance of customer care training, but felt that the processes were often full of jargon, and a little directionless. Tickety Boo was approached to add some value.

She brought everyone together, starting with customer care training. Annual assessments are now on target, and proposals have been put forward to develop their supervising team. Everyone involved has come to see advantages of team work and morale has never been better.

He’s found the relationship useful but, more importantly, with the help of Tickety Boo, Robin feel he can move the business forward without sacrificing the core principals of not wanting to become overly corporate and bureaucratic. Tickety Boo challenged boldly and asked the awkward questions to get the right outcome. It was a revolution in so many senses of the word.

Almond Valley is at a critical stage in their evolution, but thankfully they realised the importance of establishing some focus and structure in their approach to HR before moving forward. Even better, they’ve achieved this without succumbing to a corporate stereotype or compromising their values. Their business has grown over the period of collaboration, and with her ‘plugged in’ approach Annie continues to provide the support needed to keep Almond Valley on track for success.