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Tickety Boo Deluged by Demand for Personal Licence Renewals

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Tickety Boo Deluged by Demand for Personal Licence Renewals

Tickety Boo Deluged by Demand for Personal Licence Renewals

Beer SquareNews that as many as 2,000 licence holders across Fife, Dundee, Angus, and Perthshire and Kinross have missed the deadline to refresh their Personal Licence as the December deadline whizzed past has rung true for Dunblane based training company Tickety Boo Training, who have been deluged in recent days with licensees literally begging for solutions.

Director of Tickety Boo Training, Annie Lindsay commented:

“This week has been unprecedented – we have been chasing our tails supporting personal licensees who did not get themselves organised to complete the refresher course in sufficient time.

“If their licensing boards will still allow them to do the half day refresher then we can help them out immediately with our e-learning option, but the numbers are so extraordinarily high we are genuinely struggling to keep up with the demand.”

With literally thousands of hospitality and retail jobs hanging in the balance, local councils are endeavouring to contact as many of the stragglers as possible before they send out letters banning the sale of alcohol.

The results could be devastating for those businesses where unlicensed managers could lose their jobs while also putting other posts at risk.

Annie commented:

“If the licensing boards revoke a personal licence this could stay in place for five years, so businesses may need to quickly find another qualified Personal Licence Holder to step in for them – or face closure. But we too require 14 days to register a course before we can deliver it, and we’ve already started booking up for our January courses, so we’re very much urging clients whose licences may be due for renewal in the next 3-6 months to get ahead of the curve as the backlog caused by the December deadline is looking to be fairly serious.”

For more information on e-learning options for the Personal Licence Holder Refresher, visit www.allticketyboo.com