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Christmas Cheers

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Christmas Cheers

Christmas Cheers

Well, that’s it. We’re firmly into December now. The Christmas adverts are running amok and the annual tradition of treating one’s staff to a Christmas tipple is now well under way (I hope you’ve booked…..).

But as restaurant and pub businesses gear up for the season of Christmas Cheers, lurking at the back of your mind may be that niggling feeling that there’s something else you need to do, something important.cheers 300x200

What was it again?

Oh yes. The Personal Licence Holder Certificate. It’s almost 5 years since it was first introduced. How time flies. But, guess what that means….. yup, a heck of lot of first time Personal Licence Holders now need to do a refresher course and have their licence renewed.

But let’s not follow in the steps of Carole King. You might as well not wait until September…. Courses are booking up fast, and it’s essential the refresher is completed before your Licence runs out.

So make next Christmas just as merry as this one and get the relevant team members trained and re-licenced with our range of Personal Licence courses.

Otherwise you could be drinking alone next Christmas, and we can’t have that…..