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Roaring Fire

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Roaring Fire

Roaring Fire

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Open fires are roaring…. Christmas trees are standing proud in the corner.

But for some, this time of year spells tragedy. Christmas decorations are highly flammable and can ignite quickly. Tipsy party-goers can accidentally set off a chain of events that can spell devastation for families and individuals.

And yet, much of it can easily be prevented.christmas 300x200

Did you know that many employees have never even held a fire extinguisher, let alone know how to properly use one?

But yet they are our first line of defence in stopping fire spreading and saving lives.

Let’s not be too morbid, let’s just get on with the learning and sign up to one of our fire safety training courses and make sure each and every one of our team has the knowledge they need to be the hero.

Be safe this Christmas.