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Trim the Turkey

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Trim the Turkey

Trim the Turkey

Christmas is coming and, in addition to the usual Christmas marketing messages of buy this, do that and get everything now, we’re about to get our annual reminder that food poisoning is rife and we really should take much more care when we defrost the turkey….

Frustratingly simple though this seasonal message may be, the evidence that food poisoning is on the rise is worrying. And more than ever before, we are looking to businesses to keep us safe.turkey 300x200

At Tickety Boo we’ve always believed that if you don’t train, you don’t gain. And when it comes to food poisoning, there’s such a lot to lose.

Your customers, your reputation, even your business.

So make this Christmas merry and make sure your catering team are fully up to speed with our range of REHIS accredited courses.

Otherwise 2014 could be a bit of a turkey…..