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Socialise for Success

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Socialise for Success

Socialise for Success

Tis almost the season to be jolly. And as the Christmas office parties come round, you can almost hear everyone inwardly groaning that they are going to have to do that thing called “networking”, fuelled with alcohol, and with people they might spend the rest of the year trying to actively avoid.

So, after spending eight hours a day under the fizzing glare of the office lights with your co-workers, while you may feel Pavlovian levels of repulsion at the thought of seeking them out for more spreadsheet-related repartee in your spare time, it’s time to throw caution to the wind and embrace what could be a career changing decision to get out and party.office party 300x

Socializing with colleagues can have a lasting, positive effect that feeds back into the office culture. As you strengthen your bonds with your colleagues in a laid back environment, you might just discover they have more to offer than their professional persona might reveal.

So, without citing such scenarios as team building weekends and works lunches, where can you find the best common ground in which to hang out with your co-workers as equals, and what are the scenarios to avoid?

The pub is certainly the most popular choice, and inevitably, an invitation to birthday drinks, a leaving ‘do or the Christmas night out will surface. In some offices, after work drinks are almost a weekday ritual. But it’s crucial to be wary when mixing business and pleasure. As a recent Telegraph article pointed out ‘The post-work booze-up requires one of the most delicate balancing acts in the modern workplace.’

If you can be both moderate and mindful of professionalism, then by all means, join your colleagues in the pub for a couple of rounds. On the other hand, if you feel at all concerned about such a laid-back setting, it’s best to cut your losses and avoid the pitfalls involved. From skull-squeezing hangovers to awkward revelations, the many, colourful repercussions of overindulgence are never worth it

There are alternatives which can be both rewarding and bonding as experiences. Team-based activities, from quizzes and paintballing to the increasingly popular escape-the-room craze are not only a great way to resoundingly smash any lumps of office ice, they might just show you how great you are at working together.

The same goes for office sports. Whether you establish an office pool team or ping pong league, not only is sport with your colleagues a healthy addition to your spare time, it can bring about good feelings and supportive behaviours.

So the next time you receive that email or notice the office notice board invite to a works night out, don’t be so quick to write it off. You might just find it will work in your favour, both professionally, and personally.

And remember, if all else fails, we can always help get things back on track in January with a touch of Team Coaching (link: https://allticketyboo.com/coaching/team-coaching/) and everything will be Tickety Boo once again.