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Revv Up that Confidence

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Revv Up that Confidence

Revv Up that Confidence


There’s always one. Wherever you go. Oozing style, sophistication and just bucketloads of natural confidence.

Sometimes it feels like they’ve been put on this planet to make us mere mortals feel inferior.

But stop yourself right there! Believe it or not, while there are a few people who might have Teflon coating and an ego the size of Mount Everest, far more often than you might expect you are merely seeing a well-honed performance of confidence.

In fact, Tickety Boo’s coaching work with many exceptional leaders continually hits home, time and time again, that most of us are actually human (them too!) and many of us are just waiting to be called on it.

But is it all just bluff and bluster? Or is there something more than that going on?confidence 300x

Confidence is a state of mind influenced by many, many factors and it can be boosted, or diminished, by your actions, circumstances or the actions of the people around you. But how valuable is confidence in life, both work and personal?

Undoubtedly, confidence, while not specifically a learned skill, is a strength and one of the most valuable assets to an individual or organisation. It comes hand-in-hand with success, results and general well-being.

Interestingly, if you go by the dictionary definition, an individual’s confidence can only be measured by the individual personally. Basically, it all comes down to how you feel, not what you are. So absolutely very little to do with experience, knowledge, but more of a choice to be confident.

So here’s our three tips to build your approach to being confident:


If you feel prepared, you are more likely to radiate confidence and be energised by removing any fears that can often creep in if you know you could have done more. Researching, networking, planning, or simply giving yourself time to assess a situation, could mean all the difference between muddling through and powering ahead.

Knowledge is King

Life is a learning curve so keep soaking up new information and building your experience. Embrace it, throw yourself into new opportunities and don’t be afraid to ask questions. The more you know, the more confident you will become in general.

Be Positive

We’re so good at beating ourselves up. Take some time out to celebrate your strengths and achievements for a change! When you start to take a look at what you have done, rather than what you haven’t, you’ll probably be pleasantly surprised.

Tickety Boo Training works with business people and leaders to develop their confidence and approach, helping them work towards their goals and own success. If you want to discuss how we could help you, then please call us – we’d love to talk.