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Pushing the Boundaries

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Pushing the Boundaries

Pushing the Boundaries

It’s a fact of life: more often than not, we are entirely defined by our ambitions.

This is no bad thing. As well as contributing to our overall satisfaction with life, the pursuit of meaningful objectives has been psychologically proven to equate directly to happiness and emotional well-being.

The zenith of personal goal-setting power is, in many ways, incarnated in the Commonwealth athlete. As global sporting stars like Usain Bolt, Bradley Wiggins and Michael Jamieson sprint, pedal and splash towards glory in Glasgow this summer, they bring with them bags of inspiration for anyone hoping to smash their own personal records and defy the boundaries of what they can achieve.target 300x200

After all, athletes are the apex predators of the personal goal: devouring stats and tearing into records is what keeps them relevant. To achieve this, they must adhere to extreme levels of discipline, honing their precision-engineered bodies, achieving superhuman feats and generally rendering the rest of humanity a little sloth-like and lusterless by comparison.

For the whippet-sleek pro-sprinter, shaving that nanosecond from the stopwatch is an exercise in rigor, focus and determination that encompasses every conscious moment of the day. From the second the alarm clock heralds the dawn, through the composition of their diet, to the time they invest, and the energy they expend in training, it’s their everything.

And sometimes it takes teamwork or, at the very least, collaboration to help them achieve that gold medal. Behind every participant in the Commonwealth Games is a coach cheering them on, a dietician measuring protein against carbs, and a physio massaging out the knots. To achieve great things, you need great people.

The same goes for your next business goal. Whether you need to increase your level of personal effectiveness, fine tune your sales skills or gain that First Aid qualification, we can help you get one step closer to the finish line ahead of the competition whether it’s through training, coaching or a combination of both.

And, fortunately, most individuals don’t have to subsume their existence in an obsession over endless objectives. It’s enough just to strive for small, measurable achievements to stay on the righteous path to a happy life. It’s perfectly acceptable, and perhaps even more enjoyable, to pursue personal goals at a slightly more sedate pace. After all, life is a marathon, not a sprint, as a certain, purposeful tortoise may once have remarked, in passing, to a slapdash hare.