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P-L-A-Y Play-Away-Way

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P-L-A-Y Play-Away-Way

P-L-A-Y Play-Away-Way

A children’s favourite from the 1970s and early 80s, it’s iconic theme tune boomed out of the box TV set, signalling it was time to play….. but was it?

Songs, games, jokes and – because it was a BBC production most likely – learning, were at the heart of the production. Over 30 years later I can still sing the theme tune…. There’s nothing like combining senses and a sense of play to make learning effective.

Fun can sometimes seem like it shouldn’t have a place in the modern work environment, but it can be an incredibly effective tool to increase productivity, focus and to help develop your team. Play is another tool that works to startling effect, particularly in team training sessions or away days when the best way to work is to feel like you’re not working at all!juggling balls 300x

Most people respond better to practical tasks than theoretical training and approaching team challenges in a more physical and active manner can make a big difference to your day to day work environment.

When Tickety Boo Training get going, you’d be mistaken in thinking we were working in a toy and sweetie shop, but giving delegates items to play with, and sweeties to eat immediately takes them back to a childhood state of play and, while the adult is still fully in the room, a childlike wonder and determination takes over that can make for some very exciting sessions.

So liven up your next team meeting and get the creative juices flowing with our top tips…

Bring Props

Feathers, stress balls, clackers, anything that disrupts the dullness of meetings and creates engagement from other team members will re-energise everyone and build a creative atmosphere.

Get off your Bum

Sitting down in meetings is so over-rated. Get up, stand round the flip chart, move it to another area of the building, if it’s a nice day – sit outside. Just get moving and you’ll feel the energy change instantly. Then watch the creativity flow…..

Time Yourself

There’s nothing like the last minute. Or only a minute. Bring pressure into the situation and set a stopwatch for certain discussions and tasks. It’ll amaze you how brief people can be when they have to, and how much you’ll achieve in a fraction of the time.

To discuss how Tickety Boo Training can help you get the most out of your next team development day, why not give us a call?