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Licensed to Thrill

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Licensed to Thrill

Licensed to Thrill

Diamonds are forever. The right to sell alcohol in Britain is decidedly finite.

Shaken, stirred, or otherwise dispensed, if you want to continue to serve dry martinis to your thirsty patrons, it could be time to refresh your training as a personal license holder.cocktail 300x200

For the thousands of restaurant owners, publicans and bar staff who qualified for their personal license between 1st March 2008 and 31st August 2009, renewal day is approaching faster than a bullet fired from the barrel of a Walther PPK, and just as deadly for your business if you don’t pre-empt it with a refresher course.

As with renewing the car insurance on your Aston Martin (okay then, on your Ford Fiesta), this is one item on the to-do list which should not be neglected. Failure to complete the course will result in your personal license being revoked, which could lose you, and your employees, a whole lot of money-penny.

So if you’re resolved to die another day, panic not: there’s still time to submit evidence to the licensing board before 1st September 2014. A half-day course can be completed in around 4 hours, and covers all the latest legislation in relation to a range of topics.

Being able to handle drunk and disorderly behaviour, understanding the content and purpose of an operating plan and knowing what it takes to market alcohol responsibly to your customers are invaluable tools to keep your business on the right side of the law. Certification takes the form of an hour long 40 question multiple choice examination, which, with the right training, can be quick and painless.

And if you choose to report for a Personal License Holder refresh with Tickety Boo Training, you certainly won’t have the living daylights bored out of you. Let us be the M to your 007, and furnish you with all the intel that’s needed to breeze the assignment and get you back in action.