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Fresh as a Daisy

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Fresh as a Daisy

Fresh as a Daisy

The thing we love most about Spring is its freshness. New flowers are bursting out from beneath the soil daily, spring colours are brightening up our landscapes and everything just, sort of, smells fresh.

There’s something about freshening up that makes us feel invigorated. The “Spring Clean”, for instance, is a time old tradition of clearing out clutter and freshening up our environment which may have become stale over the winter months.

Knowledge and learning can be a little like that.daisy 300x

Remember learning a language at school? I bet, back then, you could happily converse about your brothers and sisters, and your dog, and where you lived. But try and speak quite so freely now and you may struggle a little to remember even the basics.

Five years ago this year, the Scottish Government introduced The Personal Licence Holder Certificate. And every licensed premises duly sent their team members on a course to learn what they needed to know about serving alcoholic drinks to the public, and the effects of alcohol on the human body. Those first Personal Licence Holders are due to renew their licence later this year and, because knowledge changes over time, and our memories fade, it’s time to refresh our memories, extend our knowledge and renew our commitment to licensed trading.

Renewal courses are booking up fast, and it’s essential is is completed before your Licence runs out, so let’s spring forward with our plans for refreshment and get the relevant team members trained and re-licenced with our range of Personal Licence courses.