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Cooked to Perfection

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Cooked to Perfection

Cooked to Perfection

It seems to us that every time there’s a major holiday, there’s also a rash of food scare stories. But, while Mary Berry might have stirred up the latest home cooking craze, as we all head for the kitchen armed with our pinnies and pastry cutters, the basic rules of food hygiene still apply. At home and, most importantly, at work.cupcakes 300x200

Scientists have calculated that the odds of dying from food poisoning are a comforting 3 million to 1, but there were still 79,000 cases of food poisoning reported in the UK last year and many thousands of cases going unreported. That’s 79,000 avoidable illnesses.

The business of hospitality and service is one of entertainment, relaxation, experience and comfort. Making people ill is definitely not our raison d’etre. And yet so many people fall ill simply because of basic poor hygiene practices.

At Tickety Boo we’ve always believed that if you don’t train, you don’t gain. When it comes to food poisoning, there’s such a lot to lose.

So make sure your catering team are fully up to speed with our range of REHIS accredited courses and let’s be part of the drive to keep 79,000 people from falling ill this year. Surely that’s a worthy cause?