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Busy is as Busy Does!

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Busy is as Busy Does

Busy is as Busy Does

A seemingly simple statement. The adage for years has been that the more you plan to do, the more you get done. And busyness is next to godliness, right? Ah, no. That’s cleanliness.

We’re all so busy now. So, so, very busy.

The modern world has changed. A proliferation of technology exists to constantly bombard our senses with updates, information, snippets, and demands. And the poor, humble human being is simply struggling to keep up.busy worker 300x

Accessible to everyone 24/7, the lines between work and personal time has blurred like a short sighted attempt at gaining clarity. Humans, addicted to the buzz of a mobile device in their hands, eschew face to face interaction over online mental stimulation via social networks. Who needs real life when you have facebook, right?

Our natural style – Dominant, Influential, Steady or Compliant – plays a significant role in how we react and respond to all these daily interactions and interruptions.

Losing the ability to make independent decisions can cause significant stress for a decisive “D-style” while asking a more careful “S-style” to make a quick, independent decision can create a pressure situation.

When we’re stressed and overwhelmed we have a tendency to revert to our natural behavioral styles and exhibit those behaviors more. Competitive “D-styles become even more impatient and direct, possibly even dictatorial. “I-styles”, start to talk more and seek more attention from others. Steady “S-styles” withdraw and stubbornly resist what’s happening. Analytical “C-styles” start questioning everything to the point of exhaustion.

There is nothing wrong with tackling challenging situations from our natural positions of strength.   However, as a word of caution, when we are under pressure we sometimes lose the flexibility and adaptability to modify those behaviors and, as the pressure increases, these strengths can become weaknesses that can ultimately make a bad situation worse. Much, much worse.

Being aware of your behavior is an important aspect of being in control of your reactions to your environment or situation. When you understand how stress is triggered for you, and how you can alleviate it, you are equipping yourself to manage stress and pressure effectively.

And this is not an easy thing to do, for most people!

Recognising and modifying our behaviour takes effort and energy. When we’re under pressure, and sapped of energy, it takes even more effort. However, as with any skill, practice makes perfect and there are plenty of opportunities to practice in this modern, gadget filled world where the demands on us humans seem to multiply by the day.

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